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Government Of Assam Information Technology Assam Electronics Development Corporation Ltd.(AMTRON)

AMTRON Broadband

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    • There are three types of Home Plans namely Amtron Broadband Economy, Amtron Premium and Amtron Broadband Home Friendly.
    • The Commercial Plans available at their disposal are Amtron Business Plans, Amtron Buisness Plans (time bound) and Amtron Dynamic Unlimited Plans.
    • All package values are payable in advance.
    • All connections are subject to feasibility.
    • Service tax is extra as per Government rules.


    AMTRON Broadband Service provides for a number of plans suiting everyone's needs.

    Category of Plans  for Amtron Boradband


    Amtron Broadband Economy (Upto 1mbps)

    Home Plan 130 daysRs 197.12
    Freedom(High Speed)30 daysRs 581.50
    Home Unlimited*30 daysRs 892.97
    Home Unlimited 365**365 daysRs 8929.65

    Amtron Premium (Upto 2 mbps)

    • Home User 1 30 days Rs 411.00
    • Home user Eco 30 days Rs 628.80
    • Home User 30 days Rs 1064.50

    Amtron Broadband Home Friendly (Upto 2mbps)

    • Home user 1-3 90 days Rs 1210.50
    • HomeuserEco 90 days Rs 1839.16
    • Homeuser-3 90 days Rs 095.82

    Amtron Business Plans (Upto 2Mbps)

    • Professional1 30 days Rs 2226.50
    • Professional2 30 days Rs 3095.82

    Amtron Business Plans (Time bound Internet Range) (Upto 2Mbps)

    • Office Access1 30 days Rs 1306.92
    • Office Access2 30 days Rs 1548.40

    Amtron Broadband Dynamic Unlimited Plans

    • Unlimited(Up to1mbps) 30 days Rs 5322.32
    • Unlimited Eco (Up to 512 kbps) 30 days Rs 2956.85


    How to apply

    Please write to:
    Managing Director
    Assam Electronics Development Corporation Ltd.(AMTRON)
    Industrial Estate, Bamunimaidan
    Guwahati- 781021, Assam

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    Contact Persons:
    Magic Surf's Call Centre
    +91 87210 86313

    Arup Kumar Barman
    (Addl. Manager)

    Bahniman Das
    (Marketing & Business Development Executive)