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Government Of Assam Information Technology Assam Electronics Development Corporation Ltd.(AMTRON)

Data Center

AMTRON Data Center is a tier 2 level data center with expected availability of 99.7%. ADC is equipped with total 105 physical servers with all required network and security devices. All network and security devices are in redundant mode to prevent single point of failure.

ADC houses many e-Governance projects such as SSDG, AOP, CCTNS, e-District, Electrical Licensing, SSA, GMC etc and are running 24x7. It is completely cloud enabled and can provide Infrastructure as a Service. It utilities 1Gbps internet bandwidth from national knowledge network for e-Governance projects, along with two links of 200Mb and 155Mb from two different providers for commercial purpose.

State Data Center (SDC)

The State Data Center (SDC) will house ICT assets of various departments within the state in an environment that meets the need for reliability, availability, scalability, security and serviceability. Various applications and some of the functionalities envisaged at the SDC include Secure Central Data Repository of the State, Core Application Servers, Service Delivery Gateway, Citizen Information/Services Portal, State Intranet Portal, Remote Management and Service Integration facility.

  • The construction work of the bare shell of the State Data Centre building at Assam Secretariat complex has been completed by the PWD. RFP advertised for internal works.
  • RFP is being prepared for selection of Data Center Operator for Assam SDC.
  • Contact Person:Dwipendra Kakati, Additional Manager (email: dwipendra.kakati@amtron.in)