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Networks: Creating Communication Corridors

Assam Wide Area Network (ASWAN)

The Assam State Wide Area Network (ASWAN) has been implemented to create a robust connectivity infrastructure for Government use under NeGP. With the Assam Wide Area Network (ASWAN), the IT Department has embarked upon creation of an active communication network in the State covering all Districts, Sub-divisional, Circle and Block offices through 304 PoPs in Assam with a minimum of 2 Mbps links.  It is a core infrastructure NeGP project to link each Block Head Quarter (BHQ) and Sub Divisional Head Quarter (SDHQ) to the District HQ and finally to the State Head Quarter (SHQ) at Guwahati, through terrestrial leased lines from different service provider.

The network will facilitate the smooth rollout of e-Governance initiatives across departments. Similarly the Horizontal Connectivity project will eventually connect all government offices in the state through the ASWAN PoPs. 288 SWAN PoPs have been commissioned in the state so far and 114 PoPs are currently being used by National Registrar of Citizens (NRC) updation program.  160 PoPs of ASWAN are used by the e-District project.

Contact Person- Shyamal Kumar Bhuyan, Additional Manager.


Status of the project:

  • There are 291 PoPs (SHQ-1 DHQ-29, SDHQ-24 , BHQ - 237 ) which have been established under ASWAN.
  • Currently in use : 169 ( SHQ-1, DHQ-29 , SDHQ-23 , BHQ-116)
  • NRC offices connected through SWAN is 113
  • e-District PFCs connected through SWAN : 168
  • PWD offices Connected through SWAN : 29
  • TAX & Treasury Offices Connected through SWAN : 24
  • Election Offices connected through SWAN : 39
  • The Network is being used by the Treasury, Tax, Circle Offices, Block Development Offices, Sub Divisional Offices, PWD, Home Department for NRC, Economic Caste Census & e-District Services etc.

Status Report:

Status Report of ASWAN